6 basic steps to keep a Computer running fast

When you first buy a new computer, it runs very smooth and fast. But later on we notice that it has become slow and freezes. Let me share my  personal experience . One month ago, my PC was working all fine. After that I had to install many new software for some reason. Then, I realised that Windows startup took way too much time. So I decided to search what may be the cause.

Why does it actually happen?

It’s because of the temporary files and garbage registry values added to the system through various ways like installing new software, adding and deleting files from hard disk, downloading items from internet.

So here, I am sharing 6 basic steps to get your PC running faster and smoother.

#1. Remove unwanted software

  • Go to control panel.
  • Then add/remove programs.
  • Now uninstall the software which you don’t need.
Control Panel in start menu
Add or remove programs

#2. Update Antivirus Software

  • Update the antivirus software you have on your PC regularly.
  • Then perform a full system scan so as to remove all the malware from your system.

#3. Check when you need to use Disk Fragmenter

  • Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Defragmenter.
  • Analyse each of the partitions (by right-clicking on each of the drives and selecting analyse).
  • Defragment the ones which requires defragmentation as shown by the message.
Disk Defragmenter
Defragementation necessary

#4. Delete Temporary files

  • Go to start->run.
    Then enter “%temp%” (without quotes) and hit enter.
    A windows comes up. Select and delete all the files in it. (I had around 200 files in it).

#5. Delete Prefetch files

Then enter “prefetch” (without quotes) and hit enter.
Now select all files and delete them.(I deleted all my 60 files).

#6. Deal with Registry Errors

  • Download CCleaner software from http://www.ccleaner.com/
    and install it.
  • Now open CCleaner and go to registry.

Then click on “scan for issues”. Wait till the scanning is complete.

  • A list of many registry errors will come up.
  • Select all the issues. Now click on “fix selected issues”.
    and then confirm it.

So now our registry garbage is also cleaned.

Finally, restart your PC and notice the changes in terms of speed yourself.

I noticed a tremendous change following these steps. Now, my PC is 10 times much faster than before.

Do let us know your trick to make your system fast and clean?


paritosh April 22, 2010

nice tips…

Ramkumar April 22, 2010

Good ones bro, I also suggest that you can remove unwanted services that loads each time in the start-up

Akash Vedi April 22, 2010

good informative article 🙂

annu sharma April 22, 2010

very simple and useful tips
thank you very much

Phil Taylor April 23, 2010

Great tips! I’m very glad to see you mention Ccleaner–it’s a great program. I also use Autoruns.exe available from http://sysinternals.com to prevent unwanted startup programs. Your tips will work well for anyone. Thanks for sharing them!

aanand April 24, 2010

k guys I have a question here, mite sound a bit stupid but who cares =)

I use Ccleaner and i have many pirated softwares on my system. The question is “If i am to registry fix, will all this softwares stop working or create any problem???”
I always use Ccleaner to clean the temp file n all that but alwayz stop at registry fix.

Thanx for your help

Ankit Bansal April 24, 2010

no.. CCleaner will not affect the cracked softwares u have installed