7 tips to Master in Farmville

There is no doubt that Farmville is one of the most popular game played on Facebook. The passion of being master in farming makes this game top-level in Facebook.  If you are addict of Farmville and looking forward to be pro and beat all of your neighbour then here is 7 mind blowing tips which helps you  raise as Master in farming.


Money Matters: While playing Farmville, you should take care about your coin. Don’t get excited and expend all money available. It will difficult to survive for a week if you finish all money and do not get harvest. So spend wisely until you are close to 100,000 coins.

Concern on farming: Lots of people start Farmville with mission of buying vehicles or animal which are not meant for pro farmer. Take consider on planting seed and make lots of coins until you reach to level 15.  And also buying vehicles, animal, trees, etc reduce your coins and finally you don’t have anything to invest so be care and think about planting seeds.

Buildings and Decoration: When you take considered on planting seed and start making coins, no one can defeat you to reach to get the villa priced at $1,000,000 which is the dream of every Farmville player. Work hard and use vacant space for planting not for decorations.

Points with experience. There is so much you can do with the experience points. Harvest faithfully to build these points and you will be able to reach the higher levels quickly.

Do not invest in cash. Do not buy your Farmville money using your actual cash, which you earn instead by leveling and filling up surveys.

Lend a hand to your neighbors. Assist your neighbors will fetch you plenty of coins and develop a rapport with the fellow players. This will earn you neighbor ribbons.

Distribute gifts. Give away gifts to build a good relationship with your neighbors. It is necessary for all of you to get along well to get bigger in the game.

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