Add Facebook Events To Google Calender

Facebook now a days has became a social networking necessity rather than a just another social networking tool. No wonder, half of the people open Facebook as the first site while starting up their browsers in the morning. Facebook has all the features which one can expect from a social networking website. One of the most crucial features of Facebook are the events.


Events were introduced in Facebook to make a bridge between the cyber social newtorking and the real life events and parties. With the help of events, you can create an online invitation of your party or function and can invite guests.

But Google Calender has been doing all the remembering thing for us, for ages. Let it be remembering birthdays of our pals, or remembering important meetings. Wouldn’t it be easy, if in any way, Facebook events and Google Calender can be synchronized? Well, there is a way:

  • Click your left bar on Facebook and go to Events.
  • Click on Export Events on the top.


  • You’ll get a url. That will be of iCal format. But it doesn’t matter for now. Note it down.
  • Login to your google calender.
  • Click ADD on the lower left side and then click Add from url.

google calender

  • Copy the url which Facebook gave you.
  • And you’re DONE!

Now, your Google Calender and Facebook Events are synchronized. All your Facebook events data will be now handled by Google Calender. Happy Facebooking!

[Editor’s Note: This post is written by our guest blogger Rishabh Agarwal. He is an engineer by profession and web designer by choice along with being a Linux enthusiast.

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