JustPasteit: Superfast way to share notes

I wanted to look up a online service which could come close be using used like a word processor but with no need to register or sign-in. I came across JustPaste it which does exactly that.

JustPasteit is a online web service which helps you copy and paste any text from a website or even another word processor. It supports rich features and also has an option for inserting images. After using it a bit I think it is a pretty nifty tool.


About JustPaste.it

  • Almost any formatted text can be copy pasted into Just Paste it.
  • I found out that I could also embed video from You Tube by using marks.
  • It is automatically saved every 3 mins to a server removing the need for me to remind myself to save the document.
  • Finally I can publish the document online and share the URL where it is published. It also has an option to share the URL on Twitter with a Retweet button.
  • It also has an option for me to save the file in pdf format. 😉

I am quite surprised with its simplicity yet complex nature of all that be done on its text editor. You should try it out and let me know what you think about it through your comments.

One Comment

Lucifer@Blog Contests December 6, 2009

i Have Already Tried This and it is just great and easy to use…

U Forgot to mention its one more great feature that U can Customize the Link too…