A new limitation of creating a page on Facebook

Just few hours back, we wrote about the new Facebook usernames for Pages. If you read that post, you must have noticed one thing that the Facebook was not allowing us to use the username “FacebooKnol”. After searching for sometime, I finally got the reason for it.

Nowadays Facebook is quite serious about the copyright cases specially for it’s pages. Doesn’t matter if you are using the name of a celeb in your profile name or you are using a name of an organisation in your profile, Facebook either won’t allow you to do so or it will disable your profile/page later as it’s against their Terms of Use.(Facebook terms)


For an instance, I was creating a page “Sharing random stuff on Facebook and Twitter” but I didn’t get a permission from Facebook to create this page, neither I was able to create a page “Sharing random stuff on Facebook”. However I easily created a page called “Share random stuff on Twitter” 😉

It clearly means that from now, you won’t be able to use the keyword “Facebook” in a page. i.e neither in the username not anywhere in the name of that particular page.