How to change Role of a Facebook Page Admin

Facebook finally added a much awaited feature which is very useful for Facebook Page Owners. This feature was missing from Facebook pages from a very long time and that’s why we suggested you to keep your Facebook Pages with a single Admin only. Different types of Admin Roles: Facebook now added five different types of […]

Facebook Pages to Get Timeline Like Design!

If you like regularly visiting a Facebook page or own one, you might be excited with this new update. Facebook pages are soon to undergo a new redesign. This new update will introduce ‘Timeline’ feature into Facebook pages, just like they have done with profiles. If you visit a page on which you are an […]

New Friend’s activity tab for Facebook pages

Facebook introduced something new for Facebook page owners and admins; it’s a new tab on the Facebook page’s sidebar ‘Friend Activity’. This tab is visible to page admins but a normal member can also see it. This tab shows you how your friends are interacting with you Facebook page. This feature is useful for you […]

How to add pages you admin on your Facebook profile sidebar

Again we have something for Facebook page administrators. Last time we told you that ‘Why There Should be Only One Admin for Your Facebook Page’. This time we will tell you how you can add your page to your Facebook profile sidebar. This will show your page just below your ‘Featured Friends’ list with a […]

Why There Should be Only One Admin for Your Facebook Page

Facebook pages, a good way to interact with people who like your business, work or anything in common like an artist or a place. Most of the people have their pages as well on Facebook along with their profile. Some pages are with smaller number of fans but some are huge enough that people add […]