A simple trick in Gmail to see all unread messages together

It is always a good idea to read and respond to all your incoming mails as soon as possible. However more often than not we do not manage to read all the messages due to time constraint. When you get the time to go through the messages the read and unread messages get mixed up and it becomes quite cumbersome to browse through the pages looking for the unread messages. Even then you run the risk of missing some important message.

As usual the engineers at Google have provided a really simple trick to get all the unread messages together so that you can go through them without any problem. Type one of the following search strings into gmail search box and hit enter.

  1. label:unread in:inbox
  2. label:unread label:inbox

Alternatively you may use the advanced search feature of gmail to see all the unread messages together.

gmail advanced search trick to find unread gmail messages
gmail advanced search trick to find unread gmail messages
  1. Go to the gmail advanced search screen.
  2. There is a drop down on the search box. Select the option ‘unread mail’ from the dropdown (see the dropdown)
  3. Hit search and you shall have all the unread messages at one place.

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Paritosh October 2, 2009

Unread and read messages never get mixed up. The ones which are unread are highlighted and can therefore be distinguished very easily.

Akshay Kakkar October 2, 2009

@paritosh – But you cannot read if you have a long list of unread messages bet read messages. so its a nice trick…

binaryday October 12, 2009


I guess Akshay has answered your query. I was away on vacation and that explains the delay in responding to your comment.