Top 5 social media sites you need to know about

Top 5 social media sites Today I would like to share Top 10 social media sites that would help you to get Free Traffic to your site not only traffic but also you will get a get a better search engine ranking by involving with these social media sites.

The sites what we are talking here is the world most popular Social networking site. They are the online gathering sites where the people gather to share the information and to build Relationship with each other. They are the great place to meet the potential customers and business partners plus you can also build a huge network of loyal reader for your blog. If those loyal reader start linking to your blog then that can help you to get a serious boost in search engine result.

Here the Top 5 Social Media Sites that you need to know about:

#1 Facebook: The world’s biggest social networking site. Members go to find the people who have similar interests or activities. You may build your own online profile and share different types of information with each other like pictures, videos, blog entries, links to other sites, and music clips.

A good marketing strategy is to create a “Facebook Fan page” for your blog and encourage your readers to Join your Fan page so it helps in alerting  your reader about your blog updates.

#2 Twitter: A famous “Micro Blogging” social network site. Members send short text based post up to 140 character. If you like there tweet you can follow them and you will get updated information about there status in real time. One more feature is you can get a list of popular topic on that day so you can get a topic to blog to get traffic about it and you will get information about anything in real time.

#3 YouTube: One of the most popular video sharing site. Members share there videos and comment on the other videos. You can also create your own video and upload it to YouTube when you create an video make sure that video contain information about your site like give website URL at the beginning of the video or at the end of the video, If your video is interesting then people defiantly tends visit to your blog .

#4 Digg: The most popular news sharing site. Members can share there blog post with short description in digg. If your post is interesting then other member will give vote if you will get more vote then you will get huge traffic overnight.

#5 StumbleUpon: StumbleUpon is one of the most popular online service that help users to discover interesting websites based on there preference. StumbleUpon users can use member profiles to create a network of friends based upon common interests and shared favorite websites.

By involving these website you get more traffic and good search engine ranking too. So if possible try to involve in some social media sites like this.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts about social media. If anything missed in this post let me know through your comments …

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