Add Managers to Your Google+ Pages

Sometime ago Google+ introduced the option of creating business pages. I must say that compared to Facebook Pages, Google+ has not really been adopted by brands. The main reason was that only one person could create and manage the page, which meant brands could not share control over a page with multiple Google+ users.

Google+ yesterday announced the option of allowing business pages to assign up to 50 managers per page.


  • Just go to your Google+ page account and mouse over to the gear like icon to the extreme right top corner.
  • Now click on Settings and you should be able to see the option to Add Managers.
  • Add managers with their email ids.
  • In case you do not see this option, give it time as Google has only recently started rolling out this feature.

Additional Changes to Google+ Pages

Other than the option of adding managers, a new notification bar will keep all managers of a particular page in sync.

Also an aggregated count of +1s will be showed for your Google+ page. This total count  will include everyone who has added the page into a circle and the ones who have clicked on the +1 button for the page.

Here is a video of all the new changes for Google+ Pages

I think Google+ is a little too late in allowing adding managers for Google+ pages. The holiday season in the US, is well under way and most brands would have already figured out a online strategy which excluded Google+ pages, because it could be used by only a single user. But I guess one can say, it is better late than never.

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nick December 20, 2011

good post.
Can u tell me is there something good like facebook pages in G+ say good traffic.