[Editorial] Aditya Kane Completes 3 Years with DW

Dear DW readers,

It seems like ages that I have posted an editorial here!

Aditya Kane completes 3 years!

Well, I feel ashamed to share this good news little late!

Aditya Kane, our Editor-in-Chief has completed 3 years with Devils Workshop 3 days back (on August 26)

Thanks Aditya for safeguarding DW against all spammers and greedy evils. I don’t care what Google Analytics, Alexa or AdSense stats tell about your performance.


Pride cannot be measured by any tool and I am proud to have you as Editor-in-Chief at DW… 🙂

My Status Update!


From last few weeks, I am finding some time to purse my oldest hobby i.e. writing here on Devils Workshop. I posted few articles recently mostly on Ubuntu and server-administration stuff. Well these things are what I am doing these days mainly. I always find it hard to write about things that I am not involved in. So in future you may not read about windows, facebook, social-media, wordpress-coding from me.

I am heading a wordpress company but on daily basis I am not coding anything on WordPress since long. So no wordpress-coding articles from me! I spend my free time with Ubuntu, Nginx and sever administration stuff. Also, I am learning Ruby (and Rails). So my articles will be mostly related to this…

Things that are changing…

As I am finding some time to spend here on DW, we restored our support forum back. Feel free to use it – https://devilsworkshop.org/support/. I will try to personally answer any query related to my knowledge domain within 24-hours (except weekends!) I am married now, so weekends are sometimes reserved… 😉

To reduce load on Aditya’s shoulders, our Editor-in-Chief, we have changed our contact page with new guidelines. Updated contact page is here – http://www.devilsworkshop.org/contact

We already removed most ads except Google AdSense. In our continued attempt to enhance reading experience on DW, we may remove few more stuff (ads, widgets, etc) in coming days.

16 replies on “[Editorial] Aditya Kane Completes 3 Years with DW”

  1. Congratz Aditya 🙂
    Couldn’t believe it has been 3 years when I read the first post written by Aditya to introduce himself!
    You are doing great buddy, love reading your posts.

  2. First of all congrats to you Aditya, you have been doing a really good job these 3 years. Coming to second part, I’m always in a surprise on Why you stick to DW, instead of starting a new blog? Later came to know, the way DW treats its authors and editors. Kudos to rtCampers!

  3. Congratulations Adiya, Completing 3 years of educating lacks of DWS readers.
    Thanks for your contributions and being a role model for the young age bloggers including me.

  4. Hey! hi First I would like to say congratulates Aditya on your 3rd year. Really its fantastic whatever you have done it. and you have been doing a really good job these 3 years. at DWS and keep doing dear.

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