After countdown Google says Happy New Year

Google had initially introduced a countdown in seconds to the New Year. Now it has included an animated way to wish people a Happy New Year. You might have previously read up on the new-year countdown on Google search page.


Just visit the Google homepage and next to the search bar click on “Im Feeling Lucky”. Make sure nothing is typed into the search bar. Immediately you will see an animated fireworks display and lots of Happy New Year messages poping up in different colors (see image above).

At the time of writing this post, the animation still works. But in case you missed it you can see it on the video I posted below.

Well its already the 3rd of January so I don’t expect it to be working for more than the next couple of days. So go ahead and try it out. 😉

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Sandesh Mascarenhas January 5, 2010

Google comes up with so many amazing things…… 🙂