After Pakistan, Bangladesh Lifts Facebook Ban

Following the footsteps of authorities in Pakistan, Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Authority has also lifted the ban imposed on Facebook nearly a week ago. Similar to what happened in Pakistan, a number of protesters were seen on the streets in Bangladesh in last week of may, protesting against the “Everyone Draw Mohammad” day organized by a group of Facebook users.

The objectionable content might have hurt the feelings of many people who saw or heard about it, and in-turn forced the Bangladesh government to order a Ban on the much famous social networking website.

Bangladesh Telecommunication officials said that they have restored access to Facebook in Bangladesh after the US-based social networking website agreed to remove objectionable images from their website. This step came as a relief to Facebook fans in Bangladesh, as it became hugely popular among the people.

via: BBC

What measures would you suggest to keep a check on the defaulters, to avoid such embarrassing moments?