Amazing Google Gadget-Virtual Flower Pot for Desktop

Virtual Flower Pot is an amazing gadget by google. It lets you grow a tiny garden on your desktop. So when you feel lazy, sit down and water it..

Virtual Flower Pot

flower gadget

That’s the name of the new creation of Google, as every application by Google is a outstanding show biz of intellect but this one very is amazing, appealing, graceful, dazzling, exquisite.

Right on your desk top you can get such an environment that soothes your eyes and give you a fresh feeling. It feels great when the buds of the flower slowly grows up to its bloom, all you have to do is to water the plant timely and you can even drag it anywhere on the screen and see the magic!

Requirement : Google desktop 4 or above .

Size : 161 KB

Links: Virtual flower pot | Google Desktop

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Tonz January 14, 2011

Nice gadget only wish it would save the progess on gadget exit