Download all Google related software in one go

If you are a fan of Google products (I must say its getting increasingly hard to come across someone who is not) you might be using Google related software on your computer. As I am about to buy a new computer, I was looking up what is new that Google has to offer. Google Pack […]

Calendar Gadget for Google Desktop released!

Earlier, Gmail gadget for Google Desktop users was launched wherein a quite simple and user friendly interface to access and view your Gmail was present. Now Google has attempted one more step to make its products and services more popular, easy to use and user friendly. Google has just announced the launch of a calendar […]

Google’s Cricket fever: Contest, Live Scores, Images, Videos, News & More

Contest For bloggers: As its Cricket’s World-Cup 2007 time, People are suffering from cricket-fever all over the Indian subcontinent as well as other cricket playing nations! To cash the event, Google had started contest for all bloggers who is cricket addict! So if you have a blog dedicated for cricket, then get paid for your […]