An insight on Bing’s real time Twitter search buzz

If you’re a bit of a geek, and use the Firefox browser, you can already add Twitter search results to both Bing and Google via Greasemonkey. But it’s pretty rudimentary, just a list of the five most recent Twitter search results for that particular query pasted atop the regular results. Now, in a nod to the (so called) increasing importance of real-time search, Microsoft has started adding Twitter updates to its Bing search engine. For now, the Twitter-related results are limited only to searches on prominent Twitterers themselves. You can read more on this on Swati’s post on the same.

But wait a minute,  isn’t Google already offering much more realtime search results?

For instance, try searching CISCO on Google and the engine will give a live stock quote too. Try searching USD to INR for the latest conversion rate. Apart from this, Google’s Blog Search crawls blogs almost every 15 mins. Bing has just done to microblogging what Google did to Blogging two years ago 🙂 Nonetheless, am sure Google will soon implement this and may be throughout all twitter accounts.

I may have been a bit too heavy on Bing and that’s because I am completely sold out Google’s ‘Do No Evil’ stand. Let me know what’s your take on this.

(Source: Bing Search Blog)
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