[Announcement] Weekly Photoshop Tutorial on DW!

In the past couple of months we have published quite a few basic Photoshop tutorials which really got a very good response. This was mainly thanks to Umesh Katkar who is a web designer at rtCamp. He is not a full time blogger and that led to post frequency being slightly erratic.

But now we have decided to announce a weekly article on Devils’ Workshop. So from tomorrow onwards, every Tuesday we will publish a Photoshop tutorial. Do not forget to subscribe to DW Feed.

Our main contributors to these weekly tutorials will be Umesh Katkar, Huzaifa Darbar and Sneha Mutha. A big thank you to them for making this possible.

You can contribute too!

If you are a Photoshop expert or feel you can write a few tutorials yourself. Do join us as a contributor. 🙂

All you need to do is sign-up with rtBlogs Network and you can contribute not only to Devil’s Workshop but also to our Facebook dedicated blog (FBKnol) along with our blog about WordPress (WPVeda).

You can also make some money from our revenue sharing option which will allow you to display your own Adsense ads.

Do drop in your comments and views.


Amith KV November 29, 2010

I am eagerly waiting for your coming Photoshop tutorials. Special Thanks to DW for arranging a weekly tutorial.

Aditya Kane November 29, 2010

You are welcome, I too am excited about what our team comes up with when it comes to Photoshop. 🙂

Arjun S Kumar December 1, 2010

Great to hear the news!
Hope you guys will come up with the best!

Lara@ January 11, 2011

Wow outstanding post! Impressive tutorial dude. It�s nuts how many breathtaking tutes you guys publish. Love your site. Thanks!

Aditya Kane January 12, 2011

Thanks Lara and welcome to Devils’ Workshop. 🙂