Twitter to Censor Tweets! Is Twitter Selling Out?

One of the best things about Twitter is that there is no censorship, there are no real controls either and no expectations about what is being shared on it. The free for all nature actually leads to some amazing discussions more often that say hate speech or even spam. All this is might change very […]

Does India Really Want Internet Censorship Like China?

Internet censorship was something we never imagined in India. There have been calls for bans on social media networks by some groups but no one really gave such ideas any real importance. Then came the bombshell from Indian Government’s Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal who first wanted internet websites to screen all their content. Screening online […]

Interview – Sitakanta Ray on starting MySmartPrice

More than a year ago, I reviewed a website that allows people to compare the best prices from online retailers. For example you could look up the prices of a particular book from 4-5 websites that sold books. I was a little intrigued by this start-up as I knew its founder. He was a […]

Apple iPad 3; worth waiting or not?

Apple’s latest tablet in the iPad series that is iPad 3 is on its way and will be launched in the first quarter of 2012. As expected the internet and tech blogs are flooded with thousands of rumor related to iPad. Most of them are just gonna be rumors and we’re not going to repeat them here. […]

Privacy bug in Facebook Timeline cover photos

Well just think before you upload a new cover photo on the recently launched Facebook Timeline profile. For those who don’t know, a cover photo is the new banner or header of your profile on Facebook. You can change it and upload a new cover photo or select from the existing photos anytime you want […]

Journey Of A Thousand Posts [TDIS]

I recently completed a thousand posts on Devils’ Workshop. I am not particular about numbers and was not aware of being so close to the milestone. Thanks to my friend and colleague [email protected] for a timely tweet reminding me, that I was nearing a 1000 posts on DW. That tweet got me thinking about my journey […]

How to deal with useless/repetitive updates in Facebook News Feed

With the last change in Facebook design, the News Feed or the homepage of Facebook has started showing useless update of friends and subscriptions. This is because Facebook algorithm automatically selects friends for top feed resulting into more frequent updates from people we hardly know and lesser updates of closed ones. Another problem with the […]

Facebook’s top ten Global and Indian topics of 2011

Facebook just released a blog note sharing the most popular topics of 2011 that Facebook user talked about ; globally and country wise. Facebook added a new tab “Memology 2011” on their official page which gives all this information. This Memology is the trending topics of Facebook in 2011. We’re sharing top ten global, Indian, […]

Indian Government Flip-flops on Internet Censorship!

According to news reports India’s Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal asked internet companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Yahoo to screen content which may be deemed inflammatory. While the Indian government has regularly made noises about online content being screened, the suggestion from the minister that human beings should be used to screen content instead of […]