AOL tries a practical approach for E-mail with Alto

AOL releases a new E-mail client named Alto - trying to make managing E-mail easier. Alto supports non-AOL E-mail accounts including Gmail, iCloud and more.

This year we have seen two of the popular E-mail clients getting redesigned – Microsoft brought life to Outlook with Metro-esque approach to mail, Yahoo Mail got a cleaner look along with updates to mobile apps, soon after Marissa Mayer has become CEO.

Adding to this, AOL has now released a new E-mail client called Alto. Interestingly, it supports E-Mail accounts other than AOL Mail, which includes Gmail, Yahoo mail, and more.


The most highlighted thing in the app is Stacks – a feature which categorises your incoming E-mail into meaningful groups. So your Twitter/Facebook notifications E-mails are segregated from the daily deals E-mails from Amazon/eBay.

You can create custom Stacks and even make the incoming E-mail skip inbox and go right into that stack – so you have a more cleaner inbox.

It also has a Boomerang-like feature which lets you snooze an E-mail, so you can reply to it after a specified amount of time.

The interface looks clutter free and gives more of a desktop app like look, especially with features like two-column layout for reading E-mails, support for tabbed navigation.

I’m pretty sure it won’t grab many users from other web-based E-mail clients, but nevertheless, still worth a try.

Alto is still in beta, but you can sign up for an invite.

Link: Alto Mail

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KRISHNA January 2, 2013

Lets hope it will come up with more features than Mozilla thunderbird