Apple to announce new iPhone on 10th September

iPhone5_ios7According to All Things D, Apple will unveil the new iPhone on 10th September. Apple is expected to introduce the iPhone 5S model with rumours indicating there will a fingerprint sensor on it. There are other rumours too, that indicate the Apple might release a cheaper iPhone.

The event will definitely see Apple announcing the availability of iOS 7 release date.

The most interesting part of Apple’s strategy is the rumoured cheaper version of the iPhone. I am not as convinced as previously it has dramatically dropped the price of a older iPhone when a new one was released. This served to get new users introduced to the iOS ecosystem. So a cheaper iPhone will have to be say better than iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S.

Apple also has been rumoured to be working on wearable technology like a smart watch. It will be interesting to see if Apple actually gets into a new device niche like smart watches.

The fingerprint sensor on a the new phone could be a great security feature. It will also be a major update to the iPhone. It will definitely not be called incremental like the iPhone 5 was accused of being.