How to Open Full Screen Compose Box in Gmail as Default

A quick setting allows users to enable the full screen compose screen on Gmail by default instead of the newer screen which floats on the corner of the screen.

One of the most annoying changes with Gmail has to be the compose mail pop-up box, which floats at the corner of your screen. Google has included a full screen toggle button on the top of the compose box. I personally like to compose mail on a full screen rather than rolling my eyes over to the left corner of my screen every time to see whether I’m typing correctly. I also found it a bit annoying to click the full-screen toggle button every time I compose a e-mail.

Fortunately, It’s very easy to make the full screen compose as a default setting

How it works:

Compose a new mail and the usual compose box would pop-up

CheckClick on the little arrow you will find in the lower left corner of the compose box. Then choose Default to full-screen

Bingo! Now every time you compose a mail you will get a full-screen compose box. If you want the newer compose box, then simply repeat the steps again.


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Ankit Bansal August 14, 2013

Thanks Aditya for the this simple but yet useful article. Most of the people end up using the small box without looking for a full screen option . Hope this helps them.

Aditya Kane August 14, 2013

You are welcome. But the post author is Shilpa and not me 😀 So thanks to her.

Arun Sathiya August 19, 2013

A good tip for those who hate this new compose box. Thanks Shilpa! But, I should say that I love the new, small compose box. 🙂