Apple announces 40 Billion App Store downloads

App Store reaches 7,75,000 apps with 40 bIllion unique app downloads, half of them are from 2012 only.

Last year in March, Apple ran a countdown for 25 Billion app downloads and in less than a year the number has bumped to 40 Billion. Not surprisingly, 20 Billion of these are from 2012 only. These are all unique downloads, i.e. no updates or re-downloads are included.

App Store

December has been really great for the App Store, during which 2 Billion downloads were done.

Talking about the number of apps, the App Store has reached 7,75,000 apps including 3,00,000 iPad-specific apps. The later number is clearly mind blowing.

The Play store on the other hand isn’t doing bad, in fact it will be surpassing 8,00,000 apps this summer. But it’s apparent that the review process in Play store is easy (or flawed?), as you see so many spam apps getting even into app charts.

App quality is something which iPhone (and other Apple devices) always had as an advantage and it continues to be that way.

Source: Apple