Apple makes Garageband for iOS free of charge and readies iLife/iWork apps for iOS 7

Apple adds Garageband to the list of free iWork and iLife apps for new iOS customers. The apps part of the suite, have also got updated for iOS 7.

A month ago, during the Apple special event, there was an announcement confirming that Apple’s iLife and iWork suite of apps will be available for free for new iOS customers. The apps list include iPhoto, Pages, Numbers, Keynote and iMovie.

Adding to the list is Apple’s music creation app, Garageband.

Garageband - part of Apple's free iLife apps

As reported by Macrumors, Apple has updated its Apple apps section on their site, bringing in Garageband and new iOS 7-optimised icons for the suite apps. The information is supposedly removed now, but it looked like the image above.

Garageband costs 4.99$ currently. The app will be available as a free download, with extra instruments and sounds as an in-app purchase. It’s a wonderful app letting you play music using ‘touch instruments’, like Pianos, Guitars, Basses, Drums and more.

This is a great news for customers, but not so much for app developers. Because Apple is indirectly feeding free stuff to its customers. It’s a hard time for developers to make big bucks from their apps.

Apple should be releasing the app updates tomorrow, as part of its event at San Francisco – along with new iPad mini, Mac Pro, MacBook Pros, Mavericks (lots of Mac stuff this time!) and more.

Source: Macrumors


Sagar Rai October 21, 2013

Hi Vibin,

Will this be a free update for those who already bought it?

Website also displays same old iOS 6 style conceive, who cares about a new icon if it’s same vintage design

Vibin October 21, 2013

For those who’ve already bought it, the update will be free. And yes, the website has removed the information and new icons (after being spotted).