Apple to live stream its Media event on Web and Apple TV

It is now confirmed that Apple will live stream its October Media event, requiring a Mac or an iOS device or an Apple TV.

Today is a great day for Apple fans around the globe, not just because of Apple’s media event, but because of the fact that Apple is livestreaming it. They don’t normally do this, except for WWDC and other special events.


As most of you already know, Apple will be updating its iPad lineup (both full-sized and Mini), MacBook Pros, Mac Pro and OS X Mavericks.

I’m personally looking forward to OS X Mavericks (the price and final list of features will be announced today). But you apparently know what you’re most excited about.

The event is going to start in a few hours from now. Here’s a list of timings to help you figure out the time for your zone.

13:00 — New York, New York
10:00 — San Francisco, California
04:00 — Sydney, Australia (Oct. 23)
02:00 — Tokyo, Japan (Oct. 23)
01:00 — Shanghai, China (Oct. 23)
22:30 — New Delhi, India
21:00 — Moscow, Russia
19:00 — Rome, Italy
18:00 — London, England

Apple has even updated its homepage with a gigantic image notifying fans about the event.

The event will be streamed live, from Apple’s site, and it requires Safari on OS X, iOS 4.2 or later. Streaming via Apple TV requires second or third-generation Apple TV with software 5.0.2 or later.

Link: Apple Events