[Apple iPad 2] It’s Official! Tablets are here to stay

A few hours ago Apple unveiled iPad 2. It was expected to show-off a iPad gadget with a camera and many more features. iPad 2 addresses a lot of issues which its predecessor had. Apple had reinvented a new market with iPad and made a splash in the tablet computer market. The share of Apple in this category is almost totally dominant and this is because of the instant recognition of iPad with the tablet.

The event was a success and even Steve Jobs put in an appearance at the presentation. This must have delighted Apple fans and investors who were probably worried about some health rumours about Jobs. Steve Jobs is on leave of absence for health reason.

One thing that Apple has proven over the last year is that the tablets are here to stay and it is no longer a niche market.


What’s new with iPad 2!

  • Apple has not gone for a radical change to the design and kept the screen the same size. They have though made iPad 2 thinner and lighter than the previous version.
  • iPad 2 as expected will have 2 cameras for video chatting and also HD video recording.
  • It has a powerful A5 dual core chip which does make it quite a powerful piece of hardware for a tablet.
  • The interesting part is that the battery life stays the same at 10 hours. This is quite an achievement considering all the hardware changes with 2 cameras.

For more details on Apple’s iPad2 click here.

Video of iPad 2 features

Here is the official video of the Apple iPad 2 gadget.

The future of Tablet devices!

Its true that tablet computer gadgets have been around for a long time but before the iPad was released it had a very small niche market. The tablet was not considered mainstream technological device. This is something that Apple has changed and the fact that competitors are jumping on the tablet bandwagon only proves that the tablet computers are now mainstream products and are here to stay. This is quite incredible as only about a year ago, the tablet computer market was small and insignificant.

What are your views on iPad2 ? Will you be buying a tablet device this year? Do drop in your comments.