Apple’s iPad mini event can be streamed via Apple TV

Apple seems to be moving away from its usual standards of not streaming live events. As reported by The Next Web, the iPad mini event will stream via the Apple Events app on Apple TV.

In all probability, you don’t own an Apple TV, or may be you have no idea what it is – it’s a device to stream media from iTunes, Hulu, YouTube and all.

The app notifies that the event will stream live at 10 AM PT, with the tag line ‘we’ve got a little more to show you’ – the one you saw in Apple event invite posters.

The last time Apple streamed an event live was in 2010, for the iPod music event. Contrary to what many expect, Apple hasn’t put anything on their Events page and we’re not sure if they will stream the event on the web.

Even if they’re not going to stream it via web, you can follow live blogs, including that of Engadget and The Verge – which are pretty good.

So yeah, look out for new Macbooks, iMacs, iPad mini and a lot of other rumoured stuff.

Source: The Next Web

Update 1: And just like that, the Apple store is down.

Update 2: Wow! Apple has finally confirmed that the event will be streamed live via web. But only on Safari for Mac and iOS (and Apple TV, of course).

Link: Apple Events