Online Tool to Help You Pronounce Names Correctly with Audio Files

The internet has brought the world closer. Today I have friends who are from different countries and different cultures. Usually with my friends in Europe or the US, I do not have any issues communicating with them, because English being a common language. But my name is not common and explaining someone how to exactly pronounce my name gets a little tedious.

Indian names often cannot be pronounced properly by people who speak only the English language. Pronouce Names is a online tool that helps users break down the names and also listen in to a audio file with the correct pronunciation.

Just search for a name you want to correctly pronounce. The result is usually with the name broken down into sounds.

Most names also have the option of listening to a audio file to listen to the name being pronounced correctly.

In case your name does not figure with an explanation and audio file, you can give the correct explanation and also submit a audio file. This way anyone can contribute to names being pronounced correctly.

Best part of this website is, it is also available as a mobile app on Android.:-)

I checked for similar pronunciations of names in Google Translate but they sounded a little robotic. Also Google translate does not always do a good job with names which can sometimes be pronounced differently in different places and both pronunciations are valid.

Try out Pronounce Names and drop in your comments.

Link: Pronounce Names | Android App