Application Developers – Shaping the World Wide Web

Over the past few years, we have seen tremendous growth in technologies all over the World Wide Web. From Web 2.0 to  micro blogging platforms like Twitter have changed the way people living on  the Internet.

So who are those geeks who made this change possible ?

I guess they are none other than Application developers. They have changed the way they used to be. They have coded some of the greatest ever add ons which we use daily for all kind of stuff like blogging & twitting on net.

I would like to give some examples which can prove the thing that I wish to say.

Twitter Applications

Twitter is a great micro blogging platform where you can share things in 140 letters. What makes that ‘140’ more beautiful are the applications like Twitterrific, TweetDeck or many applications that you are using every day.

If you are a developer & still not tested your hand in developing application for Twitter then this could help you to know more – API Documents

WordPress Plugins

Another interesting thing we call as blogging is made easier with the self hosted blogging platform named WordPress. This great platform is made simpler & better with almost 6039 plugins.

If there were no plugins, I guess there is no reason that I would have shifted from Blogger to WordPress. Every time I search for anything on this plugins page I always get it right there. Who is behind this great help – Application Developers.

Mozilla Firefox Add-ons

1,461,587,786 add-ons have been downloaded (Till the date) for Mozilla Firefox. Which acts as a extensions while we browse on the Internet. This is one of the most downloaded browser on World Wide Web, Its Application have been developed for all types of Internet users.  These add-ons  are covering various needs like downloading, file sharing, SEO, blogging, APIs, Form filling & hundreds of other things.

What I have seen in previous years is tremendous growth of  WWW because of Application developers. Application developers are keeping pace with all open source technologies  &   I hope, they will keep adding such interesting features with their constant efforts.