Location Based Applications for your iPhone 3G

iphone-gps-const The iPhone 3G with inbuilt GPS system have introduced many new location based and navigation applications. These location based applications takes full advantage of your device integrated GPS and most of them are just cool. Check this list of navigation based iPhone applications.



This service from pelago gives iphone users a personalized view of their surrounding world.You can also locate your friends and know what they are upto in real time.Moreover,it has a location browsing functionality which lets you see the places reviewed by your friends. Whrrl also has a web based service by which you can access your account via a browser.


Nearpics is a location based photo browser.It uses your location to select local photos from Google’s Panoramio service.



Twittelator is a twitter client which lets you tweet your current location to your friends.Its Twitter 911 feature will inform all your followers with a Help Me message along with your current location link.



Geocaching is a global treasure hunting game where participants locate hidden containers, called geocaches, outdoors and then share their experiences online.There are over 750,000 boxes hidden all over the world and this application tells us about each one and gives us the tools to find them. It is real-world, high-tech treasure hunting on the iphone.


Which is your favorite app, let’s hear from you.

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