[April Fools Day] Round Up of Google’s Pranks for 2011!

1st of April pranks have become a sort of tradition for Google. Google last year went to the extent of declaring that they are changing their name to Topeka officially, have text based video for YouTube and also new Google wave notifications.


Read about last year’s April fools day pranks here.

This year I am sure Google expected many people to call their bluffs so they decided to come up with some, totally over the top and hilarious new features with their various products for 2011. Here is a quick round up of all the new Aprils fools day pranks.

#1. Gmail Motion

Gmail Motion is supposed to be a beta product and it helps you improve your email experience. It is a technology that is supposed to help you use Gmail without using the keyboard and only via body movements.

Watch the funny video demo below:

Link: Gmail Motion

#2. Chromercise

Google also introduced another spoof service that wants you to build muscle tone and flexibility through a finger fitness program called chromercise. Look at the video below which explains how you can get Chromercised.

Link: Chromercise

#3. Google Hiring Auto-Completers

This one is bizarre, as if to suggest that Google is hiring auto-completers which shows up with auto – suggestions while we type in a search query.


I clicked on the link and was taken to another page which shows the eligibility. This includes a certification in psychic reading.

Link: Google Autocompleters

#4. Top 5 Viral Pictures of 1911

YouTube also joined the fun and introduces the top 5 viral videos in 1911 celebrating 100 years of YouTube! Yes, apparently YouTube was invented before the internet or the computer itself.

Check the video collection of the top 5 viral pictures of 1911.

Enjoy April’s Fools day with these Google pranks and do let me know if there are any more I have missed this year.


Gourav @ Tech2Date April 1, 2011

A great roundup of all the pranks played Bro.

Aditya Kane April 1, 2011

Thanks for the comment. Which one was your favorite?

Pranav Jain April 2, 2011

I came across one more google prank other than these..
Google introduced a new social networking site 🙂

Do check it out 🙂

Tech April 2, 2011

Cool List buddy, I was really fooled by their gmail motion prank yesterday.

Aditya Kane April 2, 2011

That was interesting, but on 1st April all new features were going to be looked suspiciously. 😀

Tech Tips April 3, 2011

Yeah, I was unaware of that.