Play Atari’s Breakout on Google Image Search Easter Egg

Google inserts a easter egg in Google Image search results for Atari Breakout which starts a playable game on the browser. Google is commemorating Atari's Breakouts 37th anniversary.

Google Image Atari Breakout

If you like old video games from way back in the 80s or even 70s, then you might have heard of Atari’s ‘Breakout’. Today, to celebrate its 37th anniversary, Google put a Easter egg on its Google Image search results for “Atari Breakout”.

The results for “Atari Breakout” on Google Image search starts a full fledged version of the “Atari Breakout” on your browser itself.

Atari Breakout’s Interesting History

If you have read Steve Jobs Biography, you might recollect that back in 1975 Steve Jobs was hired by Al Acorn to create a prototype of Breakout. The payment promised was for $750 but a bonus of $100 for every chip fewer than 50. Steve Jobs got in Steve Wozniak who at that time worked with HP. Steve Wozniak did produce a prototype with lesser chips used and legend has it that he was not passed on any of the bonus by Steve Jobs.

Atari did not find it feasible to use their manufacturing units to use Steve Wozniack’s prototype but they are rumored to have used his design for the actual game play.

Link: Atari Break on Google Image Search