Best DC++ alternatives for Macintosh

Sharing over LAN is indeed the lifeline of many college students, nearly all major technological institues and universities have their own network of over the lan sharing, popularly known as DC or DC++ ease of use and efficiency of this protocol has made it extremely useful in places which have a large number of inter-connected user base. Windows is already blessed with […]

Create Your Own Firefox Installer

Undoubtedly  Firefox  is the best browser available today with more than millions of downloads on its inception its launch in cyberspace was nothing short of  a ‘Phenomenon’ But we often reinstall our system and without proper backup process our program files are also gone but and every time and you install your browser again and […]

What Gmail has to offer that others won’t?

Well by the time you get to read this, you would have come across at least tons of articles with nearly the same genre, but this one is a little different… this post is based on my own experience I had with this wonderful service.

Well, I have been using Gmail from the past 3 years and I never felt the need to anywhere else.

Adding ‘Save as PDF’ Button on Blogger Blog [How-to]

This is my second post on Devils Workshop (first is here). In this post I am posting about how to can add a “Save as PDF” button to your blog so that  your readers can save your article for offline viewing and for sharing with others. This is very easy to use hack but still […]

5 Best Blogspot Blogger Hacks Everyone Should Use!

Well I started blogging around three month ago using blogger and it turned out to be quite interesting experience. In my view, the best way to improve your blog is to see what other are doing? So I started observing some very nicely formatted blogs and noticed what kind of hacks and modification they use […]