Adding ‘Save as PDF’ Button on Blogger Blog [How-to]

blogger logo This is my second post on Devils Workshop (first is here). In this post I am posting about how to can add a “Save as PDF” button to your blog so that  your readers can save your article for offline viewing and for sharing with others.

This is very easy to use hack but still backup your template before doing anything. Refer my previous post, for details about backup procedure.

This hack uses FreePDFConverter service, which is free as suggested by its name.


  1. Now go to your blogger dashboard click Edit HTML and then choose expand widget template option.
  2. Then using your browser search feature search for <data:post.body>.
  3. Once you have find it, add the following code after the <data:post.body> tag in your blogger template and hit Save Template button.


<script type="text/javascript">
<script src="" type="text/javascript">



(click on image to enlarge it)

If all goes fine, you will see a button like below after your every post.

Enjoy this hack and please feel free to ask your doubts about it.

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Sooraj February 5, 2009

Hey dats a kewl option.. but unfortunately it does not work for blog contents written in any other language than english i guess .. usually when you write it in hindi or malayalam or any other regional language, if there is no font installed in the client system you cant read it.. i thot this wud b a wonderful option to solve it.. but when u conver the content to pdf using this script. only the english part in the posts comes out, the remaining content is blank !! any solutions ?

alok February 5, 2009

yes only if the browser have regional fonts.

Sooraj February 5, 2009

da system has regional fonts.. i can read that in the browser.. cannot convert.. i believe it is coz the site which is converting does not support other fonts

Gautam February 5, 2009

Is there anything like this for wordpress?

Kaushik February 5, 2009

Just one small correction..

Image shows post.body/ closing, you’ve forgotten to put the / in the post.

Nice trick.. 🙂

Pushpinder February 5, 2009

I think you should create a temp. blogspot blog and then give a demo of each article you write about blogger there so that we can actually see and work out…

Kishor February 5, 2009

Nice Trick

But it prints the whole page . Is there any option by which we can print only post ??


alok February 5, 2009


demo site

this is demo blog i have have included this hack in it.

alok February 5, 2009


no worry it will work either.

huda May 4, 2009

wow…this i need it thanks very much…

Prateek June 29, 2009

Is there a way to get only article content as pdf in Blogger Blog?

alok June 29, 2009


Am looking for your request……….

North July 29, 2009

There is a easier way, i just saw in Gadgets list.
Just go to Add new Gadget and Search for “PDF”, you’ll see a
nice Gadget.Then you’ll get more visitors because they can
convert your blog pages and more importantly their own documents
to pdf.

alok July 30, 2009


thanks for the tip but @the time when wrote the post the gadget was not avialble

Azia June 27, 2011

Heck of a job there, it abosltuely helps me out.

docuverter August 1, 2015

very informative article.thanks for sharing…