Create Your Own Firefox Installer

Undoubtedly  Firefox  is the best browser available today with more than millions of downloads on its inception its launch in cyberspace was nothing short of  a ‘Phenomenon’

But we often reinstall our system and without proper backup process our program files are also gone but and every time and you install your browser again and all themes extensions you use. But in this post I will tell you how to prepare your own installer of Firefox with all themes and extension you want so next time you install your browser your all themes and addons will be installed automatically.

First download Silence of Foxes from here and unpack in a new folder and also get the installers of addons and themes you want by right clicking the install icon and choosing save target as

You also need the Firefox installer. It is good if you have one if not download the latest version form here. Now lets begin with the process in the unpacked folder run the sof.exe file and choose Firefox as project.

And move ahead and choose location of your Downloaded setup and choose unpack.

After it’s done you should see the following screen

Now the tricky part is you need copy all your themes and extensions in the following folders

X:sofProjectFirefoxExtensions (x is your drive letter)

and themes into this directory


You can also choose the pack my files option it will add all existing addons and themes to your installer.

After its done packing click next and you will find your installer in the SOF folder.

And your installer is ready to use. So build your own installer and share with us.

[Editor Note: This post is by Alok Chaudhari. He blogs at Freewares n Beta about best freeware stuff.

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One Comment

ikang January 30, 2010

thx alot for the tutorial man. but i have one question. is it work too for a modified installer one ?. cos i got one and i want to remove some of the addon in it.