10 Ways to to Protect Yourself from Cell Phone Radiation

With the World Health Organization confirming the fears established earlier, that there is “a possible connection between cell phones and two type of brain tumors: gliomas and acoustic neuromas,” or in simple words: cancer, there is an increasing sense of panic among mobile users. However there are ways that you can protect yourselves from these effects.

10 Health Tips Every Blogger Must Follow

If you’re a blogger or just a computer fanboy (like me!), most possibly your suffering from eye,neck and many other body-part aches, fighting obesity and well, just plain lazy. Those long hours of surfing, yup. Of course this is not healthy in any way. Here are 10 tips that I follow quite regularly and what-do-ya-know, feeling quite great now, read on.

MyDefrag – Free Tool to Increase Hard Disk Speed and Life

As pin-pointed quite correctly in an earlier post, one of the most important steps to keep your computer running fast for longer period of times is defragmentation. Windows comes with a built in defragmenter. And like many of the default accessories in it, the defragmenter is also a huge disappointment. So here is a faster and free defragmenter called MyDefrag.

5 Apps to Speed Up Copying in Windows

Using a pen-drive to share our photos and other media is a very common practice these days. However what frustrates me every-time I transfer the photos from my camera to my pen-drive is the speed of copying. In Windows XP, it was terrible, Seven is better but not yet up there. So here are five apps that will increase the speed of copying in your Windows system.

Watch Videos on YouTube much faster with YouTube Feather

YouTube has released a new labs feature, entitled Feather. With this, YouTube strives to stream videos much faster, by removing the extra bells and whistles that accompany a normal YouTube video page and also by using advanced web techniques. The main aim is to reduce the latency wherever possible.

Google goes in for the minimalist look

After weeks of calibration and testing, Google has finally settled for the minimalist look on their homepage. What it does is, when you load the page you just see the Google logo, the search box, Google search and I’m Feeling Lucky button and the language options (if any). Now if you just move your mouse a little, BINGO, the usual google interface fades in.