Feedly – Firefox add-on to view feeds

Feedly is a Firefox add-on which displays all your subscriptions in a magazine-like layout. You need to activate this add-on with your Google account, following which it automatically loads in all your Reader settings on one page. With neat tabs, and predefined groups that you may have created on Google Reader.

Yahoo Cooking Up a Delicious Demise?

Delicious is a popular social bookmarking site started in 2003 and acquired by Yahoo! in 2005.

The spotlight center focus dawned on Yahoo! after the series of layoffs couple of days back. About 650 to 700 employees are rumored to have lost their jobs, primarily from the product department headed by Blake Irwing. Most of the layoffs clashed with the team coordinating with Delicious. Followed by the screenshot revealing the plans to cut off on Delicious.

Tune Up Media – Give your music library a facelift!

Have you ever noticed how the ads for iTunes or Windows Media Player look? The media library is splashed with a riot of colors which has great cover art for every album stored in there. My iTunes in contrast has nothing more than the miserable grey, blue and white. Correction. My iTunes had nothing more than the miserable grey, blue and white. With almost just a single click, my latest find had my library set to rock n’ roll.
Tune Up Media is an iTunes and Windows Media Player attachment which instantly organizes you music library.

[Gett] Instant and one-click file sharing

If you closely observe the trend prevalent online these days, its definitely all about minimalism. Minimalistic design, minimal work and all this the minimum amount of time. If one online activity stood out like a sore thumb with this trend, it would have to be file sharing. We all have been victims of those moments when the file takes a century to upload. Ge.tt. Its a website which allows you to share files to others easily.

[Trick] Turn Google Translate to Google Beatbox

I absolutely love imitating those recorded voices with their emotionless tones. “This service is currently unavailable”. πŸ˜› This post will give you the trick to make Google Translate’s recorded message to a crazy beat box rap. By simply typing in a few cheats you will be able to hear extremely catchy beats on Google Translate.

Facebakers lose their ‘face’ to Facebook

Facebook statistics on traffic and views sell like hotcakes. This was the reason ‘Facebakers’ as a name was perfect for a service which did exactly that. Serve up Facebook stats. But wait they are now known as Socialbakers. Sounds lame?

Facebakers defines itself as ‘the heart of Facebook statistics’. Well defined. It is not that Facebakers had a change of heart, they were told do so by the new owners of the word ‘face’.

Facebakers lets you view various statistics about the networking giant here – be it the user demographic or the popularity of various applications.

Google asking Groupon a 5.3 billion dollar question!

Everyone is speculating Google’s new crush-Groupon. The deal is not yet in ink but if rumors are to be believed then deal should be made public soon.

Groupon, a Swedish born enterprise, was founded in 2008 by Andrew Mason. The concept underlying this venture was to cater to dealers and local sellers by tapping to an online market through the Groupon platform. Groupon got its name by meshing together – Group and Coupon.

Create photo collages online with Photovisi

After that crazy Saturday night with all your pals, you post all those pictures on the modern version of a photo album – Facebook. It’s a moronic routine as everyone will go through the individual pages. What if we could personalize it and make a collage with some fun add-ons? All this without having to put it too much effort. Photovisi would be the perfect tool in this case.

Photovisi is an online tool which allows you to make fun collages of your photos in no time. At first I thought its just another photo editing tool, but the best part is its specifically a collage tool and has fun templates to choose from.