[Trick] Turn Google Translate to Google Beatbox

I absolutely love imitating those recorded voices with their emotionless tones. “This service is currently unavailable”. 😛 This post will give you the trick to make Google Translate’s recorded message to a crazy beat box rap. By simply typing in a few cheats you will be able to hear extremely catchy beats on Google Translate.

You can hear the standard beat by clicking on this link and click on ‘Listen’.

Cheat Sheet for Google Translate to become into a Beatbox!


If you want to customize the beat, here is the key:

  • zk = suspended cymbal
  • bschk = snare
  • pv = brush
  • bk = bass
  • tk = flam1
  • vk = roll tap
  • kt = flam2
  • kttp = flam tap
  • krp = hi hat tap
  • pv = short roll
  • th = better hi hat
  • thp, ds = instant rimshot.

Credit: Lockergnome

Using the key, you can create beats of any of your famous bands. I managed to hunt out the beat of the famous We Will Rock You by Queens (Paste this and click listen: “bh; bh; pv. – bh; bh; pv. – bh; bh; pv. – bh; bh; pv”). From what I understand, these tricks work best when translating from German to German.

There is a whole blog all about Google Beatbox beats which people have come up with, check it out here. Let me know if you discover some better beats. Share your tricks and feedback with me through your comments.

Link: Google Translate | Google Beatbox Blog

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