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Being a ‘blogger’ means your day involves 2 main tasks – writing like a maniac alternated with reading like a manic. Though ‘subscriptions’ as a system serve as a major time saver, it also makes it quite mundane with a regular layout. This Firefox add-on attempts to reinvent that experience for you – Feedly. Its the perfect add-on if you are someone like me – following several blogs, subscriptions, alerts and thirsty for a clean layout to view these.

Feedly is a Firefox add-on which displays all your subscriptions in a magazine-like layout. You need to activate this add-on with your Google account, following which it automatically loads in all your Reader settings on one page. With neat tabs, and predefined groups that you may have created on Google Reader.

How Feedly works:

  • Download the Feedly add-on from here. After the pop-up opens, click Install Now. Restart your Firefox Browser.

  • When the browser re-opens, the Feedly home page will open automatically. Notice the green icon now beside the address bar.

  • At the Feedly Page, login with your Google Account (if you have multiple accounts, then the one you use to receive feeds).

  • You can now view all your subscriptions in an organized manner, with tabs like – Cover, Digest, Latest or predefined groups that you may have created with Google Reader.

Worth Noting:

  • Feedly is limited to Google Reader users.
  • Attaches a mini Feedly which permits easy sharing on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, etc.

I think Feedly does a good job at helping the specific market it caters to. I happen to be in that category of Google Reader and Firefox users so it did make following multiple blogs easier for me. What do you think about it? Do let me know what you think about it. Drop your comments below.

Link: Feedly

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