How WordPress changed my blogging career?

If you are a regular reader of Devils Workshop, then you must be aware of the post written by Rahul on how to migrate a blog from Blogger to Wordpress without losing Google juice. It was my symposiumz blog that I used for writing the post.

If anyone had asked me what was the best decision that you made in your blogging career, then I would definitely say choosing “Wordpress”!

Make $952 from Google AdSense in just 3 steps!

If you don’t believe me just check out the screen shot below. 😛 Shocked? Obviously you must have been. I started my blogging career an year ago and I got my first AdSense check only 3 months back.  Before that, I used to check my balance everyday and what I got was a dollar or […]

Make your own microblogging service like “Twitter”

There are numerous twitter like clones available on the net, most of them having the same methodology as twitter. How would it be if you had the option to start your own microblogging site just like Twitter ? Here are two services that may help. #1  Yonkly Yonkly has a neat user interface and lets […]

3 Best Free Domain Registration Services

I’m going to share some of my favorite some free url redirection services that provide free short url that looks exactly like a paid domain name. There are many services that convert a long url into a shorter one like tinyurl, etc but those don’t give a short url like the ones here…