Make your own microblogging service like “Twitter”

There are numerous twitter like clones available on the net, most of them having the same methodology as twitter. How would it be if you had the option to start your own microblogging site just like Twitter ? Here are two services that may help.

#1  Yonkly

Yonkly has a neat user interface and lets you create a community in less than a minute. YonklyYour new community’s address will be of the form ““. Yonkly  has three subscription plans and they provide a 60 day free trial for the each of them. You will have the option of changing from yonkly’s domain to your custom domain, full control of ads on your network and also you can remove the yonkly branding logo completely and make it look like your own site.Check out the demo here.

# 2  Shout’em

shout'emShout’Em is platform on which you can easily start co-branded microbloging social networking service. Since they are in beta phase they provide all the premium features free of cost. Even after their beta testing you will have the option of using all the premium features like private network, ads management, file sharing, etc for a month of trial period. They call this concept “Ning for Twitters”. Check out the demo here.

Links: Yonkly | Shout’em | Twitter | What is twitter? | Demo1 | Demo2



Gautam January 7, 2009

Thanks for sharing, good post 🙂

Pavan Kumar January 7, 2009

I would appreciate if there are any opensource scripts to make a twitter like service. Anyways, its cool find 🙂 Welcome back 🙂

Rahul Bansal January 7, 2009

Well creating a service like twitter is not a big project if you compare it to facebook or orkut.
BTW its good that open source do not have twitter like script otherwise internet would hv been cluttered with lots of useless twitter clones 🙁

wilmerdon January 4, 2011

@Pawan, you can create a Twitter like service with open source and host it behind fire wall as well (or just opt for a hosted option). Try

Pavan Kumar January 8, 2009

@ Rahul,

Assume the situation where a team of large size is working on a particular thing in a company. They split themselves to try out the same thing which bugs them a lot. If there were an INTERNAL TWITTER which keeps them all synchronized, the job would be made easy. Is that not a cool idea?

One thing is for sure, such clones wont work great if implemented in global manner. We have a lot of digg clones because of the open source script available, but MOST of them are still sleeping…

Rahul Bansal January 15, 2009

I guess INTERNAL TWITTER is already out there. There is a service which offer such solution at corporate level and it was reviewed on TechCrunch as well sometime back.

Rahul Bansal January 15, 2009

Yep. I guess it is the same one! 🙂

Emad Ibrahim January 17, 2009

Thanks for the review of Yonkly. We have dramatically reduced our prices and added a FREE plan since your article. Check us out.

We also offer a free open source version and a commercial open source version if you do not want to subscribe.

You can also see what some of our customers are doing at and

Thanks and contact me at emad [at] yonkly dot com if you have any questions.

Trootter November 16, 2009

Micro blogging is a new phenomenon and in this busy life it is a ray of hope for people who like to publish a point to ponder for the benefit of human kind. A good piece of information can be given in a sentence and a full length article may not be required.

Trootter will give this world a new era of blogging. People can make friends, chat, publish their thougts and imporve their links.

Others may leave a link for their followers and gain targetted traffic to their site.

Amit Bohra April 15, 2010

I favor the real attitude of tweet guys. More sites on same concept will deceive their market value. Tweets are not here for social appraisal they are here for market appraisal. Now if you have more options like Twitter the only bad thing can happen is depreciation of Twitter market share.
Well sorry Twitter we are ready to accept this depreciation in favor of social appreciation.
Micro and Macro are economic in terms. I think social blogging will create better society. If Twitter accepts instead of proclaiming that its a social blog.