How WordPress changed my blogging career?

If you are a regular reader of Devils Workshop, then you must be aware of the post written by Rahul on how to migrate a blog from Blogger to Wordpress without losing Google juice. It was my symposiumz blog that I used for writing the post. If anyone had asked me what was the best decision that you made in your blogging career, then I would definitely say choosing "Wordpress"!

Blogger vs wordpressIf you are a regular reader of Devils Workshop, then you must be aware of the post written by Rahul on how to migrate a blog from Blogger to WordPress without losing Google juice. It was my symposiumz blog that I used for writing the post.

If anyone had asked me what was the best decision that you made in your blogging career, then I would definitely say choosing “WordPress“!

From Blogger to WordPress: Comparing the Stats


Earlier, when my site was in Blogger, it used to have around 200 visitors per day(max). The page hits were so low that sometimes it would make me think that “Blogging is not for me”. But now, after shifting to WordPress, the graph is just increasing. The minimum visitor count per day I got till now was only 1.5k or so.

Page  views:

The same story is with the number of page views. If there are more visitors, then automatically your page views would increase. I remember asking Rahul during the migration process “What do you feel about my site? It gets around 15k page views per month.” He replied back saying, it is quite decent (I knew it was not) and it should increase constantly, which is a healthy factor for any site. But now, I get 15k page views, in 2 days.

Search engine visitors:

The number of visitors coming from search engines (mainly Google) were only 20-50 when I was in Blogger. But, now I get more than 1k queries per day. For some of the keywords, my site shows on the first page in Google after this migration.

Alexa ranking:

Symposiumz ranking was around 7 lakh when it was in Blogger. Now, it is about to touch 1lakh soon. But the Google page rank doesn’t seem to have changed much. May be it takes some time.

RSS readers:

If I remember correctly, my RSS feed count was close to 200 in Blogger. But now, it is about to cross 3k. I think, that would be a nice figure for any site.

Site reach:

Earlier, my site got visitors only from Chennai. Now, it has slowly expanded and I can see the patches spreading all over India in my analytics account.

Adsense revenue:

It took nearly 9 months to get my first cheque from Adsense. But now, I get a check every month. You could calculate the minimum amount I could earn from that. 😉

All these things happened within a minimum span of 3 months. It is off season for my site and the visitor count has reduced to some amount. But WordPress bought a big change in my stats in the past few months. Moreover, WordPress is so customizable that you will feel the difference and you wouldnt regret migrating. If you are new to blogging, I would strongly recommend you to start your blogging career with WordPress.

And again, thanks Rahul for all your help.


Rahul April 27, 2009

Your post is so.. unbelievable but effect of wordpress.
nice jump in alexa, revenue. and readers. wordpress is search engine friendly.

why not blogger make itself like that??

Sauravjit Singh April 27, 2009

in ur whole post u didn’t describe how wordpress helped u except the customizable adsense section.

Raju April 28, 2009

I am sorry, but I have to disagree with most of the things here. I mean, its true that WordPress is better than blogger but you are comparing an orange with an apple. It would be fair if you had compared Blogger with (instead of
Moreover, citing the example of your site to generalize is not right as well. Even though WordPress is inherently SEO friendly, but I have seen many a times a blogspot blog getting higher SERP from Google.
I believe in your case it was just some hard work which you had put during your blogger days which yielded results gradually over a period of time.

Sriganesh April 28, 2009

I just wanted to share the stats after I shifted to wordpress. Nothing else. The main difference it made was sending so much visitors from google. Earlier too,may be people were searching for the same keywords but my site wouldn’t have showed up when it was in blogger but it does now coz of wordpress. SEO friendly I suppose.
That is all you need for a site to cherish.
Wp brought about increase in search engine rankings and hence more visitors which indirectly influenced all the other factors I mentioned in the post.

Yep. I too couldnt believe it still.

actually you have to be in wordpress to feel the change.
Even I had heard the same kind of stories from several bloggers on how good wordpress is. But only after shifting, you will know the real thing. You will have almost everything a blogger needs. You can customize each and everything. There are hell lotta plugins that would make your life easier.

I did not mean to bring about a difference between the two blogging systems. I just wanted to share my story. And, I did not use my site to generalize but since there was already a post in dw about my site shifting to wordpress, I just wanted to share the results of this migration.
May be it would have been the hardwork in blogger as you said. But if that is the case then it should have been a gradual change. But mine was a drastic one, nearly 400% increase in stats in my analytics account within a short span.
Btw raju I’m a regular reader of your site 😉

Raju April 28, 2009

Thanks for the clarification. But let me tell you one thing. I started off with WordPress and still my traffic increased by more than 1500% in a span of 2 months or so. What you say now? It was just the hard work put in a month back which yielded great results in the following months. Btw, your stats are impressive really, considering the niche you are in.

Sauravjit Singh April 28, 2009


Buddy i was on wordpress but i feel that blogger is much more convenient though the quality of wordpress blogs are better than blogger blogs but they are nearly comparable.
The second thing is that blogger just costs me 500 bucks per year as the hosting is free and the servers are good too.
Now regarding search engines so I just wanna clear one thing that google supports blogger blogs a lot,It takes hardy one or two days(conditional,generally for most of the posts) when I can see my posts on 2nd or 3rd number.

Plus now everyone is moving to the wordpress I dont know whether its the features of wordpress or its just the trend but I am not gonna leave blogger till I get some solid reason to join wordpress.

Gautam April 28, 2009

That’s definately bad stats for blogger 😛

You should have migrated earlier 😉

Suneel August 8, 2009

Thats a good count over your stats and earnings Ganesh.

Way to go still and All the best.

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I have to agree that you are comparing two very different things. I believe that comparing wordpress with blogger is not right.

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working on wordpress is really great. and i agree that comparing wordpress with blogging would not be very much appropriate.

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Swamykant December 25, 2009

Hi Guys ..

Which is great?? WordPress or Blogger ?? I am confused ??

But as far as SEO and Alexa Ranking is considered, I think Blogger is doing good.

This is my rocking blog-

This blog’s alexa ranking was around 22 lakh when I started in Blogger about 3-4 months back. Now, it is about to touch 1lakh soon.You can check the proof on

krishna June 18, 2011

thank you for giving me this important information about word press its help me in many fields