Auto Refresh Chrome Webpages with Auto Refresh Plus

Auto Refresh Plus is a cool extension for Google Chrome that helps you to automatically refresh a particular webpage with a time interval or monitor a page.

There are times when we need to constantly refresh a particular webpage just because that webpage is not loading or we want to see new content in that page. Hitting the Refresh button or the F5 button on the keyboard is the probably tiresome. In such cases, extensions like Auto Refresh Plus can be of some help to us.

Auto Refresh Plus is a nifty Google Chrome extension that can refresh a particular webpage for a pre-defined time interval. Auto Refresh Plus is also useful when you want to keep refreshing the page till that page shows some new content or lose some content. This feature is calledĀ Page Monitor.

Auto Refresh Plus is available for download on the Chrome Web Store. The extension is really simple to use. On installing, a small icon gets added to the top right of your Google Chrome browser. You can then set instructions with ease like so :

  1. Open the webpage that needs to be refreshed periodically.
  2. Then click on that icon and select the time interval. You can also set a time interval of your own.


That’s it. It was really simple to configure, right? Once done, that particular web page will continue refreshing automatically. You can now proceed your work with the other tabs. That tab will continue refreshing on it’s own.

Auto Refresh Plus comes with various options. You can enables sounds to notify you when Page Monitor triggers. You can also choose what sound is to be played by inserting the sound URL in the settings section. The settings section also shows options to auto start refreshing and also set a predefined URL to be refreshed.

You might also want to check out Notifycon, an extension that shows notification counts on pinned tabs.

If you are using Firefox, there is anĀ addon that does a similar job.

Link: Auto Refresh Plus on Chrome Web Store

One Comment

Rajesh July 12, 2013

Will be nice for people like traders contently refresh and also for a regular user ,
thanks for the auto refresh trick !