Automatic MySpace Media Remover

Have you ever looked at a MySpace account and immediately gotten blasted with the worst music you’ve ever heard? Have you ever opened a few contact tabs at once and gotten the wonderful effect of hearing three different songs battle for control of your speakers? Fear no more! The MySpace Media Remover is here!

With this script, by default, Miniplayers and most other media are disabled. Should you decide you really want to know which music was chosen to accompany the space you’re viewing, you can just click the nifty link to enable it! Of course after being shocked by bad taste you can simply click again to disable it.

Hey forgot to tel u, this is again a GreaseMonkey script so wil go with firefox only!

Click here to install this!

Click here to download firefox!

P.S. New to GreaseMonkey UserScripts, Please read this few lines!