Automatically upload pictures to Image hosting sites with Transloader

firefox While browsing the internet, you come across several websites and might like certain images from those sites. Of course, you can save those images to your computer for later use. But if you are in surfing from an office computer or a nearby internet cafe, then there is no use in saving them offline. A simple way to collect all those pictures is by using Imageshack Transloader.


You can use this service either by installing the imageshack toolbar or by using Image transloader addon. After installing the toolbar you will have to register to imageshack so that the images you ‘transload’ will remain in your private account.

How to transload images to Imageshack

Install the toolbar mentioned above and login to your account.

Transload process is actually very simple. Just right click on any image and click “Transload Image to Imageshack”.

transload images

Once done, those pictures will be uploaded in your Picture Gallery before you know it. This trick can seriously increase your worktime productivity by saving a lot of time.

[Editor’s Note: This post is submitted by our guest blogger Ripe akka Renjith, who is a web-a-holic and his keen interests include blogging, traveling and photography.

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