8 Tips to avoid getting blocked from adding people on Facebook

Most of the people on Facebook are blocked these days for adding new friend. We already told you the reasons behind this ban and its after effects (Click here if you missed it). Here are few tips to tell you how you can avoid such bans and why you should avoid them.

Avoid getting blocked from adding people:

  • Don’t send a friend request to every profile you visit. Facebook Algo might ban you if you add people with no mutual friends.
  • You can add strangers but avoid sending so many requests together. Give at least one day gap and wait for the other person to accept the pending request first before you send a new one.
  • If someone’s not accepting your request and kept it pending, it is highly recommended to cancel your friend request.
  • In case you are adding a stranger, try sending a message first, talk and make sure that he/she will accept you request. Only then you should send it.
  • Please note that sending messages to strangers is now considered as a spam as well. Even if you are sending too many messages to users who are not in your friends list, Facebook might ban you for adding friends.
  • Don’t try to add people when you are banned. Facebook may increase your period of ban.
  • Once banned, there is no need to cancel pending friend requests, this hardly makes a difference. But there’s a possibility that someone you added might report you as unknown to Facebook.
  • Accept incoming friend requests from the ‘Friend Requests’ page i.e. https://www.facebook.com/reqs.php not from the sender’s profile directly.

You should always avoid such type of bans as Facebook won’t allow you to add persons after the ban even if you know them. This will also ban you from sending messages to people who are not in your friends list. Personally even I don’t like this feature of Facebook where we cannot make online friend whom we don’t know personally. But since we’re addicted to Facebook, so we have to accept it in the way it is. I recommend you not to add any stranger directly; you can always poke someone with a mutual friend. If you get a poke in return then there’s a possibility of request getting accepted. 😉


Nitin Agarwal July 1, 2012

Hi Sauravjit,

What difference does the last point make? Can you please clarify the reason behind that?


sauravjit July 1, 2012

Ya Sure. Well the ban on friend requests is not only for sending requests. fb might ban you from accepting friend requests as well. fb considers the total number of friends that a user is making everyday. You can read more about it here>> https://devilsworkshop.org/respond-to-your-friend-request-even-when-you-are-blocked-from-adding-new-friends/

So for safety it is recommended to accept a request from top navigation bar or friend requests page rather than vising the sender’s profile and then accepting.

Nitin Agarwal July 2, 2012

Hi Sauravjit,

Thanks for replying. Just one question, how can you identify or come to know about the person who has sent you the friend request without visiting his/her profile? And without visiting the profile how can you come to know if that profile is suspicious.

Sorry to say this, but according to me the last point is just a dumb invalid point. There is no proof for that behavior. you are in kind challenging the design and usability of features of Facebook.

I mean if that would be the case then why should Facebook has provided the option of respond to friend request on the request sender’s profile?

Is the last point of your article is documented anywhere by Facebook engineers on Facebook support and help forums? If yes, then it would be great to refer me there.

Or else, if you like, you should consider removing that. 🙂


sauravjit July 2, 2012

First of all I’m not saying not to visit someone’s profile, you can visit and check the profile but accept it from Navbar. I think you have not checked the link I posted in the above comment, this problem was there on Facebook 2 years back and we don’t want to take any risk so I added a point here.

Secondly Facebook even stopped updating their official blog, how can we expect them to post such kind of documentation there. Don’t trust Facebook engineers too much as you never know whats on their minds. Latest example is this>> http://gadgets.ndtv.com/social-networking/news/ex-employee-reveals-facebook-s-dark-sexist-side-238287

Have you seen any official information about it on their blog?

Another point here is that all the above tips are based on user experience and the problems that a normal user is facing. I have not copied points from 2-3 websites and posted it here like most of the bloggers do. Just like that the problem mention in the last step was faced by me and my co-bloggers, so we don’t need an official information.

Moreover these are my suggestions not orders, its not necessary to follow every tip. You can still continue accepting requests from profiles.

Thank you for your comment. 🙂

Sauravjit Singh

Kundan Bhardwaj July 8, 2012

It would be a great help as facebook always bans me as I want to add more and more friends. Thanks a lot for sharing

sauravjit July 8, 2012

My Pleasure Buddy..

Arun October 25, 2012

Hi sauravjit, I was blocked by Facebook for posting public comments 14 days. Why was I blocked? and after blocked how can we escape from that blocks very soon. Is there any techniques.. my friend said deactivate and then activate ur a/c then block will be vanished! is that true?

Kristina November 30, 2012

Ok i have a BIG PROBLEM with FACEBOOK, i am sick and tired of being block, if i friend some one and they don’t answer it, how is that my fault, so you block me for 60 days you people suck, no cutomer service, if i friend some one I KNOW and you block me cause they don’t know people i know you really suck, i am talking to my lawyer about this one, i give facebook a 0 for 0 customer service,

keely January 28, 2013

I have had problems with facebook, I deleted all my facebooks cuz I have had problems on there. When I make a new account they ask me for my number then about 5 hours later they block me I try to contact them by e mail they don’t reply it does my heading.

nicki February 25, 2013

I think its wrong U blocking people accounts because that’s means everytime we send a friend request to someone U block us and is there anyway of stoping blocks on your account because its just silly really I don’t think its needed really

chris August 18, 2013

If you got blocked alot, then i think once a person rejects ur request, fb auto blocks you… I have been unblocked and blocked within 5 minutes while tryin to update friends finder through my phonebook. I have another account where i don’t get blocked even when i send thirty requests within 5 minutes.
Point is, you get blocked faster when you have been blocked so many times

Chinmay May 24, 2013

i tried to post this webpage on the facebook pages in comment box & now i cannot post anythng in any page on facebook nor i can comment anything.. please help me
it shows this message
You can’t use this feature right now.You’ve been blocked from using this feature, because you made posts on Facebook Pages that have been reported as spam. Learn more about what you can post.

If you think you’re seeing this by mistake, please let us know.

and next message is A confirmation is required before you can proceed.

please help me how to unblock myself

i tried telling them by clicking on let us know that its not a spam blha blha but till date i have not got any email from them ! as a reply

please help me i want to comment again 🙁 its been now 3-4 weeks i cannot use this feature & i can comment in status grps bt not on page 🙁

Ankit May 25, 2013

Haha. Bad luck buddy.
Try contacting Facebook directly and address the issue. I am sure they’ll help you out.

R.NAAGARAJAN June 8, 2013

If a send a request to a friend known or un-known and he rejects my request it has logic, but the FB rejects it and block me not to contact it has no logic #

Joshua July 7, 2013

Hello, how do I know if facebook has blocked me from adding friends? Indeed i have pending friend requests that has been pending for a while, but I have not received any notification message saying I am blocked from adding friends.
I’ve been unfriended automatically today from a friend’s account, and it was neither by myself nor them. I added them twice and they confirmed twice. When they tried to add me first, I did not receive the notification. So, again, how do I know? Is it possible that facebook removed me, and this person is blocked from adding me? Does this issue seem similar to known cases of facebook putting people on add friend probation?

Rahul Banerjee July 23, 2013

My fb account blocked for 30 days and i have accepted the terms of fb but i felt to understand why i cannot access my account till the block period to keep in touch with my existing friends. It is absolutely a uselees system and may have taken as a system of playing with the sentiments of people

rajib August 18, 2013

i was cancelled out from one of my frnd list….n there after i used to msz her no. of times for knowing the exact reason. bt now i am not capable to find her in fb.wthr i am being blocked by that person? or may b because of the fb’s rules i am not able to find her? as i mszd hr no. of times n she dint replyd aftr i was being cancld out from hr frnd list.
pls do rply…

walker britt September 29, 2013

Why get blocked when people are asking to be added?