How to Backup/Export your Facebook contacts

This post tells you the easiest way to backup or export your Facebook contacts and their E-Mail using Yahoo. Exporting Facebook contacts is very useful specially in two cases. First one is when you want to make a new account on Facebook and wants your older friends back, in such case you can import all the contacts to your new account and send requests to all of them simultaneously. Second case is when you loose a contact and you want to check who unfriend you on Facebook. We will discuss it later in the next post.

How to Backup/Export your Facebook contacts?

Please note that you need a Yahoo ID as well for this method, if you don’t have one first make it using

  1. Open the page:

  1. Now on this page click on “import contacts”.

  1. Now you will see four options i.e Facebook, Gmail, Windows Live Hotmail and others. Click “Facebook” from these.

  2. After this a pop-up will appear which says “Do you want to share your contacts with Yahoo!”. Click Okay to agree and start exporting.

Your new contacts will now appear in your Yahoo account. Yahoo is a well known E-Mail service and accepted my most of the websites for importing contacts. You can now use you Yahoo contacts in place of Facebook contacts(as both are same now) on any website to find out whether your friends are there or not.


Irfan August 27, 2011

Nice, but you didn’t mention the reason one needs a backup of his/her facebook profile?

Sauravjit August 27, 2011

I did, read the post from second line.

Deepak December 20, 2011

Great but i got just 237 contacts in response to my 302 fb friends..??