How to enlarge locked Facebook profile pictures

After Google plus, we finally found a way by which you can enlarge a profile picture of locked Facebook profile pictures album. People on Facebook lock their profile pictures so that it can’t be misused by their friends or any other Facebook user. Obviously anybody will not use a small 160x160px picture anywhere because faces on such […]

How to Reduce Facebook Notification Volume!

Facebook notifications are actually meant for getting notified when somebody interacts with you. We get a notification when somebody likes, comments or tags you in a post or even when someone comments on a post after your comment. But most of the times we get useless updates mostly from the applications or groups even if we […]

Facebook Chat hidden feature; add profile pictures while chatting

Facebook Chat is a very popular feature of Facebook but technically and feature wise it’s not good as compared to other IM services like Skype and Yahoo Messenger but still people use it only because it’s integrated with Facebook. But here’s a trick using which you can make it little exciting and add a new […]

How to hide some/all family relations from Facebook profile

Sometimes your friends on Facebook just add you randomly to their family member’s list on the sidebar or info page of the new Facebook Timeline profile. People obviously like adding so many brothers and sisters or other family relations on their profile but the other person not necessarily like it whom they are sending family […]

How to move photos from one album to another on Facebook

Sometimes we upload our photos on Facebook using our mobile in the album ‘Mobile Uploads’ but later we feels that the pic should be there in another album. The easy but inefficient way to move a pic from one album to another is to download and upload the image again in a new album. But […]

Show only ‘Subscribe’ button on your Facebook profile [How-to]

Showing only ‘Subscribe’ button on your Facebook profile is like a twitter account where one can follow you but it’s not necessary to follow them back. This function is useful is you’re getting too many friend requests on Facebook but don’t want to get connected to all but share some updates with them. With this […]

How to deal with useless/repetitive updates in Facebook News Feed

With the last change in Facebook design, the News Feed or the homepage of Facebook has started showing useless update of friends and subscriptions. This is because Facebook algorithm automatically selects friends for top feed resulting into more frequent updates from people we hardly know and lesser updates of closed ones. Another problem with the […]

How to enlarge Google+ Display/Profile Pictures

There’s a new hack of Google plus, a not so popular social networking website but everyone who’s using Facebook is having a Google+ account too. This post will tell you how you can enlarge a profile picture or display picture or simply dp of any profile on Google+.The best part of this hack is that […]