Be Careful while Downloading Pirated Contents from the Web!


Recently, on one of my post, I mentioned on how to save a few bucks, Internet users just keep downloading pirated contents without even checking, the name of the sites they are downloading contents from. I have seen many internet users who dump GBs of contents ranging from Movies, Music, Apps etc from many bogus sites to their hard disks. Have you ever imagined what the consequences may be?

According to sources, many popular song sites including are many times used to infect targeted PCs with harmful and malicious viruses that could badly harm your computer networks and systems.

You will be shocked to know this statement flashed in The Indian Express:

With these websites ( and others) being highly popular, it will take only a few minutes for the hackers to take command of over 12 lakh computers in few minutes and the number of such computers can multiply in every minute, sources said.

Recently I also posted on how more and more Orkut Communities are being targeted by many unethical hackers.
Hence, this post is not to panic you, rather it is for your information that, even your computer system can be targeted for some small mistakes that you commit.. So hence forth, be careful while downloading pirated contents from the web.

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Pratik Parekh January 11, 2009

but how can they infect virus while downloading songs…i have been using since long…???

Gautam January 11, 2009

They can infect virus easily. Sometimes it maybe with the song or maybe in popup.

I never trust these sites, however i never thought that songs[dot]pk would do something like this :O. Though, i haven’t used it but have heard of it a lot. And I think popuplar sites should not do some mischievious things like this 😐

Mayur Somani January 12, 2009

I have some issues with the above post. Firstly, why Pakistan is being targated? Only Pakistan has been mentioned in the above post. Why? According to author, do all malicious hackers belong to a particular country?

And secondly, I have been seeing many posts here that just points the problem without explaining anything about the solution. OK, I will “be careful while downloading pirated contents from the web” but how?

Deepak Jain January 12, 2009

Buddy, in the whole post I have nowhere mentioned that, only sites belonging to Pakistan contains malicious elements..

My intention in writing this post was to bring into light, how pakistani unethical hackers are targeting Indian users and many Indian websites and communities… that’s it 😉

xiyad January 28, 2009

these all rumers check this , and please dont do this because Pakistan have not only popular sites indian have also very popular sites and these all thread also can made again indian sites so please be possitive don’t show your bad attidude and please approve this comment if u block this comment it’s mean you are loser..

Deepak Jain January 29, 2009

@ xiyad
Buddy our intention was not to hurt anyone..
But this article is based on various other reports from famous cyber crime experts and such reports are being published even in famous news papers.

andra alexandra December 30, 2009

i used avg antivirus,it’s good,for rest…cleaning hard disk…:)