Apple gets sued by company named “iCloud”

Last week, I wrote about Apple’s new service called iCloud. It was a cloud storage service which Apple users can used to synchronize all their gadgets. But Apple has run into a small bump with the name iCloud. There is another company and it goes by the name “iCloud Communications” and was created in 2005. […]

All new things on Google at one place!

Google is a very large company and they have more than a few products and services which people are interested in. I personally was more interested in Google Search and Gmail. Slowly I became a fan of Google Earth, Google Reader, Google Analytics etc. Get the picture? Because I blog about tech the next logical step was to subscribe to all the blogs which Google runs for its services.
Google New products is a page which shows exactly whats new that Google is churning out.

Bluetooth v4 to hit market by end of 2010.

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group has finalized the Bluetooth 4.0 specs. It is expected to reach manufacturers by the end of August 2010, with hardware expected to reach the market in late 2010 or early 2011. This newer version is based on low energy module and hence, it can be built into products such as […]

You Tube unveils a new design to all users

You Tube has been redesigning their pages for a long time now and finally the new look is out. You Tube has spent over 8 months redesigning it and come up with some very interesting changes. The changes are not radically different but are quite significant. As usual there are some people who are bowled […]

Featuring Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Series [PICS & VIDEO]

It was very much expected, and it happened! Microsoft unveiled the much anticipated Windows Mobile 7 during a press conference at Mobile World Congress today in Barcelona, Spain. CEO Steve Ballmer made the announcement about new operating system, that thay have been working on. Windows Phone 7 Series, yes this is the brand name for […]

Windows Mobile 7 OS Set to Launch- Pics Leaked

In news for so many months now, Microsoft is all Set to launch Windows Mobile 7 OS at the ongoing Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The event is expected to take place in some time, supposedly 7-8 p.m. IST. A photographer was able to take some snapshots of the Banner that was being set for the event.