Become a Test Pilot for Firefox.

testpilot_firefoxThis is a new add-on feature with Firefox browser which will allows users to test the Firefox Browser and help Firefox build a better browser. This add-on for the Firefox browser automatically lets you know of what test to carry out and helps you collect data on your browser usage.

For people interested in testing this can be quite an insight into how browsers are tested. And for enthusiasts like me, its quite entertaining to know how I exactly use my browser. 🙂

Test Pilot


As you can see in the image above, Test Pilot allows you to fill in a survey and also lets you see what are the Upcoming Tests in the future. Tab Open/Close Study is the current test and simply clicking on it and then carrying on doing your work on the browser will see data being collected.

I took part in the the study and it showed various results. For instance how many tabs I have open at a time and for how much time in a graphical format. Another graph showed me how much time I spent on default Tab after I closed one of the tabs.

For me about 50% of the times I ended up on the default tab after I closed a tab of the page I was working on. This is interesting information, as it means every time I close a tab, half the time I am done with work and should be closing the browser instead. 😉

Link: Test Pilot