Facebook ‘should obama be killed?’ poll removed

A poll on the world’s most popular social networking website Facebook.com which asked if the president of USA Barack Obama should be killed or not is now removed by the administrative department of Facebook.

The question which was asked last weekend ( around September 26th 2009) by an anonymous user of Facebook was took down on Monday. But Facebook and a secret service is still investigating about the creator and the application as the application was not affiliated by Facebook.

The exact question was ‘should obama be killed?’ having four options as it’s answers,

  1. yes
  2. maybe
  3. if he cuts my health care
  4. no

There were around 730 responses before facebook blocked the application, but the responses are still unknown. You can see the screen shot of the question below.


IMAGE CREDIT: mashable.com

SOURCE: google news, csmonitor (global news)